In a deliberate effort to leave his liberal mark on America, Barack Obama made two last minute appointments before heading off on what is hopefully his last taxpayer-paid vacation. It angers me that he promised to never take a vacation while serving in the White House and then he takes more vacations in his eight years than I’ve had in my entire life. The number of my vacations have been limited due to the fact that I had to pay for them. Obama regularly jets off to hither and yon to golf and relax, all at taxpayer expense. By the time he leaves office, he may end up spending nearly $100 million on vacations.

Just before jetting off to Hawaii on Air Force One, Obama quietly appointed Debo Adegbile and Catherine Lhamon to six-year terms on the US Civil Rights Commission. Unfortunately, these appointments do not require congressional approval, so once appointed, they serve.

So, who are these two individuals and what kind of impact could they have on civil rights in the US over the next six-years?

Debo Adegbile is a radical black activist and former member of the Black Panthers. Don’t forget that Barack Obama once marched with the radical black activists racist group. Working as a lawyer, he took on the legal challenge of the death sentence of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

In 1981, Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner was attempting to arrest Abu-Jamal’s brother during a traffic stop. In front of multiple witnesses, Mumia shot Faulkner in the back. As Faulkner lie bleeding on the ground, Mumia Abu-Jamal stood over him and shot the police officer four times, once in the face. Reportedly, Mumia told two hospital workers, referring to Officer Faulkner:

“I shot the motherf***er, and I hope the motherf***er dies.”

A jury found Abu-Jamal guilty of murder and sentenced him to death.

Adegbile later took Abu-Jamal’s appeal and was successful in reducing the death sentence to life in prison. Since that time, many law enforcement officers and groups have been opposed to Adegbile.

After heading the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Obama nominated him to be the Chair of the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, however, the Senate voted 52-47 to block that appointment. The Senate vote was along party lines.

Currently, the radical black activist serves as the Senior Counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee. To no surprise, that committee is currently chaired by Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT).

One report describes Adegbile as:

“…a staunch affirmative action supporter and doesn’t appear to believe that white Americans are entitled to civil rights protection.”

From everything I read on Debo Adegbile, he is best described as an extreme black activist who hates white people and pushes for blacks to have preferential treatment in every aspect of life. He will rule in favor of a black over a white every time.

Catherine Lhamon is not much different than Adegbile. She is also a radical black activist and is currently serving as the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the UNS Department of Education. Prior to that position, she was named as one of the top 20 attorneys under the age of 40 in California, which should indicate just how liberal and radical her views are.

Lhamon is known for pushing for race to be used for achieving diversity in public schools. She has been supportive of Affirmative Action, a form of legal racial discrimination that favors blacks and discriminates against whites. According to one source:

“In that same year, Lhamon served as an attorney in a suit that would become one of the most famous cases in the country, a challenge in U.S. District Court to Michigan’s constitutional ban on affirmative action in college admission decisions. This case, Cantrell v. Granholm, which featured Lhamon as an attorney of record, was later merged with another case to become Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action v. Granholm. Lhamon stayed on as counsel in this federal case, and in the Granholm complaint Lhamon and others, quoting another decision on racial preferences in Washington State, maintained that the U.S. Constitution does not tolerate ‘a political structure that treats all individuals as equals, yet more subtly distorts governmental processes in such a way as to place special burdens on the ability of minority groups to achieve beneficial legislation.’ To Lhamon and the other attorneys, the state has a compelling interest in regulating the racial composition of educational institutions to help schools fulfill their mission of producing a well-rounded individual. Thus, in Lhamon’s view, admission on the basis of race is justified.”

While working in the Department of Education, Lhamon pushed to end all religious discrimination in public schools. Her efforts were prompted largely due to complaints of Muslims and Sikhs. From what I’ve seen happening in public schools it’s not okay to do or say anything against a Muslim or Sikh, but even teachers can ridicule and bully Christian students. One of the main reasons this hypocrisy in religious discrimination has been allowed to exist in public schools is that Christians are less likely file lawsuits or do anything against those that are discriminating against them. Most Americans are afraid to say or do anything against a Muslim for fear of being personally attacked buy them.

The bottom line is that both of Obama’s two last minute appointees are both pro-black and minority, anti-white and anti-Christian. They will most likely rule on their racial agendas instead of ruling on the law. At least one of the new appointees, is considered by many to be anti-law enforcement and his appointment by Obama is being interrupted by many to be an insult to law enforcement and a continuation of Obama’s war against law enforcement.

I wonder if since the positions on the US Civil Rights Commission are made by presidential appointment, if they can be forced off the commission by presidential decree? If so, hopefully, President-elect Trump will quickly rectify this gross injustice and replace these two radicals on the commission with people who will actually rule on the law and not agenda.



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