Many years ago, I sat on a committee with former US Senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, and one man who was then state attorney general who went on to become a Secretary of the Interior. There were other state politicians and leaders from several state agencies on the committee as well. Goldwater was a conservative and the state attorney general was a flaming liberal and they got along like Donald Trump and the liberal media get along today. Neither liked or had any respect for the other.

On one occasion, the attorney general explained his position on an issue and his explanation made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I’ll never forget Goldwater’s response:

“That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. It proves that the logic of liberals is the complete opposite of common sense.”

This was one of the many occasions that the attorney general had to leave the meeting because he was so humiliated and angry. I really think Goldwater enjoyed driving the attorney general out of the meetings.

Today’s liberals here in the United States and abroad are no different than they were years ago, except perhaps that they are bolder, but not smarter.

Take the European Union for example.

For the past year, Europe has been plagued with hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, many from Syria and Turkey. Along with the influx of refugees, Europe has had an increased problem with terrorist attacks. Some of the attacks have been carried out by home grown terrorists but others have been carried out by Middle Eastern terrorists who entered the European countries disguised among the thousands of refugees.

Yet, many of these same European countries, members of the European Union, continue to welcome Middle Eastern refugees. Some of the countries have tried to screen some of the refugees but when thousands flood across their open borders, it was impossible to screen them all.

While many of these European Union members welcome Middle Eastern refugees, the EU just voted to institute a full visa reciprocity for all Americans visiting Europe. Their reasoning for the re-instituting of the visa requirement for all Americans is in response to the United States requiring citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania to have a valid visa in order to visit or enter the US.

If the measure to require all Americans passes a final vote, it would take effect after a two-year warning period and even then, the visa requirement would be temporary. The visa requirement won’t be solely for American citizens as it will also apply to residents of Australia, Brunei, Canada and Japan, but NOT to any of the countries that are sending their refugees and terrorists to the European nations.

If Barry Goldwater was still alive, he would slam his fist on the table and bellow out that this is the sort of liberal logic that is dragging the world down the toilet, or something to that effect.

The European Union will take action against America and American citizens by requiring them to have a visa to visit Europe but they won’t require the same from terrorist producing nations? That’s like checking the identifications of your friends before you let them into your house while allowing complete strangers to just walk in to your home and do whatever they will with your possessions and family.



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