As Islamic extremists, such as ISIS, began their reigns of terror, millions of Muslims have been fleeing their Middle East homes and migrating to many European nations. Some nations began to build fences to stop them while others opened their arms and borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees to settle in their countries.

Over the past year, the world has seen the plight of the refugees and many bleeding-heart liberals believe that every nation should just accept them all without any question. Among those who stretched out open arms to welcome the Middle Eastern refugees was Germany, France, Belgium and even England.

Church leaders also advocated for the open acceptance of the refugees. Among those were Pope Francis and many of the Cardinals and Archbishops of the Catholic Church. They believed it was the duty of all Christians to accept the refugees and provide them with everything they needed to survive in their new homes and countries.

We’ve all been seeing the results of this open-door policy of accepting the refugees. We’ve seen the results in Paris, Belgium and more recently in Germany.

There are two things that many of the terrorist attacks happening in Europe have in common. Some of the terrorists involved in the attacks are Muslim and refugees that were accepted into various European nations.

Earlier this month, a Tunisian refugee by the name of Anis Amri, drove a tractor-trailer truck into a crowded Christmas shopping area in Berlin. His attack killed 12 and injured at least 48 others. Investigations have revealed that Amri was on the international do-not fly list and was known to law enforcement, but he still managed to enter Germany and carry out his attack.

A year ago, a group of Islamic terrorists launched a coordinated attack on numerous locations in Paris. These attacks left 130 people dead and about 368 injured. Some of the terrorists involved were also refugees.

It’s apparent that screening programs have not been sufficient to weed out the terrorists hidden among the refugees. But that’s not the only danger of allowing the Muslim refugees into our nation or any other nation. They tend to congregate in areas and begin pushing Christians out and taking over the area.

I have close friends in the United Kingdom, one of whom is a Christian pastor. He and others have told me how Muslims, many that were refugees from Albania over ten years ago, have taken over entire communities and cities in England where they settled and grew. Many Christian churches in these areas are now vacant or turned into Islamic mosques, hotels and even pubs. The schools and governments in these areas have been taken over by Muslims who have been replacing many long standing British laws with Islamic sharia law. My friends have told me that there have been many accounts of Muslim men beating and raping British girls and women, especially ones they’ve identified as being Christian.

On a recent trip here in the US, my pastor friend told me that Muslim controlled areas of Great Britain are violent and dangerous areas for any non-Muslim to venture into. Some of the more radical Muslims have gone into politics with a some making their way into Parliament. They make no secret that they intend to turn Great Britain into an Islamic country, just like some have vowed to do here in the US.

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe carried out by Islamic refugees, Catholic Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, also Archbishop of Vienna, has openly reversed his stand on accepting refugees. In a recent interview, Schoenborn said that we (all of Europe) have had to learn the hard way that they can’t keep allowing Islamic refugees to flood into Europe.

Along with pointing to the terrorist attacks, Schoenborn also points to the threat that the Middle Eastern refugees are to Europe’s Christians. He says that in many areas of Europe, Christians are being pushed out by the wave of Islamic refugees. In asking God to have mercy on Europe, Schoenborn stated:

“Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want that and say: Europe is at its end.”

This goes with what my friends in the United Kingdom have been witnessing for over 10 years and continue to witness and warn others about. I don’t care how many Muslims say they have no intention of changing America or our laws, history proves that’s exactly what they have been doing. The prime example here in America is Dearborn, Michigan, where Muslims have taken over much of the community, government, stores, and schools, and where Christians have been persecuted for their faith.

When will America and the European nations wake up to what is happening. Muslims are spreading like a cancer and killing communities and nations as they spread. They will continue to do so until they are stopped.



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